Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, yet independent activity. Unlike the typical oce environment, a coworking space is generally shared by individuals from dierent organisations and professions. This style of work is attractive to artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers and work-at-home professionals. It provides independent workers a place to get work done, meet clients and professionally “show up,” both mentally and physically. Coworking also provides a social environment where individuals can work independently while still being part of a community of talented individuals with shared values.




Laboratories have always been extremely productive places. Edison’s Menlo Park Lab, Madam Curie’s Lab at the Latin Quarter and Dexter’s backyard Lab have all played huge roles in changing the world as we know it today. coLab is the place for the 21st century worker. coLab is for people who are disrupting the status quo, making a dierence, improving lives and making the world a better place.


coLab welcomes everyone who believes in the values of coworking.
Are you an entrepreneur looking to solve the problems of farmers?
Are you an author writing the next best seller? Are you a graphic designer creating iconic logos? Are you an architect working on earth friendly buildings? You all are welcome. coLab is a perfect fit for workers from any field who can work in a shared environment. coLab is great for individuals as well as small teams looking to work together.


coLab exists to help our members make a life and a living on their own terms. Coee shops are crowded, living rooms are lazy, and business centres have no soul. We provide the oce infrastructure, community connectivity and anything else you need so you can do your best work possible. It is that simple. We are the Alfred to your Batman, the JARVIS to your Ironman. You get the point.



Coffee, Tea and Pantry

We’ll give you 4 cups of your favourite hot beverage everyday. Anything above that will be
chargeable. Coffee and Tea will be freshly brewed and will not come out of a machine (ugh). We
have a small pantry with a microwave, refrigerator, crockery and cutlery available. coLab will also
stock energy drinks, cold-pressed juices and snacks for you to buy at anytime.

Fast, Reliable Internet

coLab is wifi enabled and will provide a 100 Mbps shared internet connection. Ethernet ports
are available in every room.

Unique, Exciting Events

coLab members will have free access to any events we organise. Pottery making, Yoga, Basics of
graphic design, karaoke, movie screenings are just some of the events we are planning.

Prints, Copies and Scanning

You will get 60 black and white copies/prints on the house per month. Colour prints/copies will
be chargeable. Printing less will save the trees so please keep them as less as possible. Scanning
is free and if you want to connect with someone from the 90s we also do fax.


In addition to the snacks available throughout the day, you can order food from Dalchini and
have it delivered in an hour. Choose from delicious Indian or Oriental food or go home style and
order simple roti-sabzi-dal. Dalchini will have a special menu with rates that don’t burn your


Ergonomically designed chairs, personal tables with lockable filing cabinets. You are welcome to
bring your own furniture as long as it is appropriate.

Conference Room Time

coLab has a private conference room with that seats 6 people. 20 hours of conference room
usage is free per member per month. The conference room schedule will be put out at the start
of the week so you can book your time beforehand. We also have public meeting spaces
available that require no booking.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Board games, basketball, punching bag, a bed to
sleep and a nice balcony with seating. Have fun while you work!

To know more about the membership packages write to us at community@colab.co.in or call
Chaitanya at +919850043210



 Snail mail : 1, Friends Paradise,
Opp. Vijaya Bank, Shirole Road, Pune- 411004
Email : community@colab.co.in
Phone: +919850043210


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